Principles Of Juicing If You Are A Diabetic


Juicing for diabetics is a challenge in itself, because the high sugar content in some fruits may raise some restrictions in the choice of juice recipes. Nonetheless, there are many vegetables that can help diabetics regulate their blood sugar, therefore, juice recipes based on those ingredients will be beneficial for the effective control of the disease.

diabetic juicing

The main principle of juicing if you have diabetes is to restrict the juice intake to one big glass, preferably in the morning, on an empty stomach. Since in diabetes it is important to monitor the intake of protein and carbs and to count your calories, you don’t want to eat up a lot of your daily food amount as juice.

Diabetics who are juicing should be using more vegetables than fruits. Green apples, which are low in sugar content, may be used to add some flavor to various juice recipes, but they should be kept to a minimum. The same goes for carrots. Although carrots are very good for stimulating the liver function and for improving the sight, they are relatively rich in sugar, so diabetics should use them in moderation.

There are fruits that are suitable for diabetes who are juicing. A good example are blueberries. Full of phyto-chemicals and low in sugar, blueberries may improve insulin sensitivity, therefore they are highly recommended in type 2 diabetes. Cranberries are also very good, because they help fighting inflammation in the body. Red grapefruit is another excellent ingredient for diabetic juicing recipes, because it is very rich in anti-oxidants and low in sugar.

Among the vegetables that are best for diabetics, broccoli deserves a top spot. Richer in vitamin C than oranges and full of beta-carotene like the carrots , broccoli is just wonderful and it should be included in most juice recipes for diabetes sufferers. This is an awesome method of making sure you have your daily dose of broccoli, even if you hate it when steamed and served with other foods. Make it part of your juices, mix it with more tasty vegetables and you’ll learn to love it.


If you like the taste of celery, then you should add it to your recipes, because celery is excellent for cleansing the digestive system of uric acid. Celery has a strong and persistent flavor, which is difficult to mask, so if you hate it, there’s not much you can do. One good idea is to mix a little bit of fresh ginger into your juice, to give it a nice spiciness and savor.

Always experiment with various vegetables. As seasons change, new vegetables will appear, so you’ll have the chance to discover new tastes and amazing combinations. Be smart and write down what you put into your juices. When you like a recipe, you’ll want to repeat it again and again. You may even be able to write a recipe book for juicing for diabetics. They will be grateful to you for your efforts and you may even end up making good money out of your passion for juicing.


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